My last therapist often called me a “true submissive”.  This therapist works with people in the BDSM scene, and she said that most people who take on submissive roles in the scene end up struggling with surrender.  She said there’s a kind of tug of war that takes place between many Dommes and subs as they negotiate just how much power the submissive is going to give over to the Domme.  But every now and then, she said, she meets what she calls “true submissives”, people who are MOST content and at peace in full surrender to someone they completely trust.  True submissives, according to this therapist, are rare.  Many times during our work together my therapist observed that she recognized in me the classic form of true submissive.

The term “Begging Karma” comes from a very sweet man named Paul, another submissive here in our local BDSM community.  I heard him utter the words recently at a party, and the concept that some of us are simply born into this life with karma that basically programs us to be most at home when we’re in a position of begging and submission really strikes home for me.  The notion that I’ve come to this life predisposed to be my Daddy’s submissive pet has helped me to break free from the last vestiges of resistance that may have existed within.  I am now prepared to surrender 100% to the joyful feedback inside of my own heart that is my indication that I’m aligned with my karma, my Begging Karma.  This blog is my exploration into how that surrender will evolve.  And perhaps this blog will also be a slight study into whether my Daddy is prepared to accept the gift of my submission; it’s a responsibility that she has to try on for size before she decides that this is the life for her.

Stay tuned; the best is yet to come.


(And for the record, I call my Owner “Daddy”, but it’s not an age play thing.  It started as a heat-of-the-moment exclamation: “Who’s your Daddy?”

She’s my Daddy!)

2 Responses to “About”

  1. theeverydayerotic Says:

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, the act of submission to me is more mental than the physical. A Dom could take me almost anywhere physically once I am in the proper headspace. BTW, would love to find a therapist who understands the bdsm lifestyle – do you have any suggestions or web resources?


  2. Hi Eve,

    I know of a few kink-friendly therapists in my city. I found them first by asking others in the community for a recommendation, and also by googling “therapy bdsm [city]” which brought up a couple of helpful resources. The city that I live in has a couple of email lists that very many of the local kinksters subscribe to. I occasionally see people asking referals to kink-friendly therapists and doctors on those mail lists, and the community is very helpful with names and numbers. Sometimes it can also be helpful to check GLBT resources; many therapists who are open to alternative sexuality (gay/lesbian issues) include ‘kink’ under the alternative sexuality banner.

    I hope you find what you’re looking for.


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