Yellow Light

Well, Daddy and I have been in our new house for 9 days, and I’ve been sleeping in my cage every night for about a week.  And it’s been really good and really hot.  Sleeping in the cage gets more and more comfortable every night; it’s my safe little den, and I’ve gotten use to sleeping all curled up, too confined to stretch out.  Laying there in the dark of my covered cage listening to Daddy breathing in the bed next to my cage is just a never ending source of erotic desire bubbling up from somewhere deep inside of me, some primal space that I don’t understand at all.

But, something odd happened between Daddy and me this morning that has left me feeling emotionally fragile and dangerously vulnerable.  I need to do something I only remember doing once before in my kinky life; I need to use my safeword.

Yellow light.  I need a puppy break.  I need some time to regroup and reestablish my equilibrium.

I think what happened this morning is a good thing.  I have a feeling that it will open Daddy and me up to channels of communication that have been closed to us up to this point.  And as most submissives would agree (I think), if I’m going to put my very life in the hands of another, the importance of clear, honest communication can’t be over emphasized.  Certain kinds of emotional fragility and emotional vulnerability simply have to be off the table before I can be comfortable allowing the padlocks to snap shut, putting the keys to my life into the hands of another human being.

I love my Daddy.  We’ll work this out.  But for the moment I need to step back from puppy training.

All is well.


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