Pet Training

I had 2 experiences this morning that took my sexual desire to a new height.  Last night before I went to bed, I figured out how to set the timer on the central heat thermostat.  Daddy gets up very early in the morning to be at work by 4.  She gets up a little earlier than necessary, and I get up with her, so that we can play a little before she leaves for work.  She typically gets up, goes to the bathroom, lets me out of my cage, then crawls back into bed.  This morning when she realized that the heat had come on before she got up, I noticed that she moved at a more leisurely pace when she went to the bathroom.  I sat up in the dark of my covered cage and waited for Master to give her attention to me.  As I waited there in the dark, as each second ticked by and my bladder nudged for relief, I felt more and more the affect of Daddy’s control washing over me.  By the time she opened the door to my cage and released me, I was already wildly turned on by the sensation of being completely her surrendered pet to use and train as she sees fit.

After I peed I crawled up on the bed.  I was wild with the passion of my submission to Master’s pleasure.  I kissed her all over her head and chest.  I stroked her hair and rubbed my whole body against hers.  Master casually reached around and grabbed my collar at the back of my neck.  She gently pulled me back so I couldn’t quite reach to kiss her.  With her other hand she pinned my arm to the bed, and she used her knees against my legs so I couldn’t rub my body on hers.  I strained to break free for a moment, but when I realized that Master had complete control over me I stopped struggling and relaxed into Master’s control.  She suddenly let go of me and I went wild.  By the time Daddy got up for work, she had to fight me off of her and pin me to the bed so that she could get up.

If the point of Daddy’s pet training is to get me into a state of constant arousal all day everyday, well then she’s succeeding wonderfully.

It feels so strange, as a chronic night owl that hardly sleeps at all, that sleeping in my cage every night this week has me feeling eager to get to bed at an early enough hour that I get to spend plenty of time in my cage before Daddy lets me out.  I’ve been in my cage by 10:30 every night (an unheard of early hour for me to be in bed.)  And here it is Friday night, a night I typically get in bed about 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning, here it is 10:30 and I’m rushing to get this blog entry posted so that I can run up stairs and get ready for bed.  As it turns out, an unexpected consequence of Master training me to sleep in my cage is that I’m getting a lot more rest than I usually do.

Just one more way that being Daddy’s puppy-girl keeps me healthy, happy and ever Daddy’s loving pet.


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