Why Is It?

This is the strangest thing ever to me.  Why is it that on the nights that I sleep in my Master’s bed with her I wake up tired and groggy?  Why is it that when I sleep in the bed I wake up but want to go right back to sleep?  Why do lay there sort of detached and in my own little world?  Why do I go right back to sleep after Master leaves for work and then have a hard time getting up for work myself?  Why do I just want to lie there quietly and hold Daddy until she gets up to get ready for work?

Furthermore, why is it that on the nights I sleep in my cage I wake up refreshed and well rested?  Why do I wake up sweet and wiggly?  Why is it that I can’t stop stroking, kissing, nibbling and licking my Master on the mornings that I wake up in my cage?  Why is it that Daddy has to fight me off from pawing and kissing on her as she gets up for work?  Why is it that on the mornings that I wake up in my cage I feel alert and energized after Daddy leaves for work and I have no trouble getting up for work myself?  How can it be that this response to sleeping in my cage feels completely involuntary, like I couldn’t stop myself from being the affection-hound even if I wanted to?

Of course my Master says, “Who cares why?  I’m just glad that it works that way.”  This morning Daddy told me how happy she is that I’m sleeping in my cage again.  She says that she “needed” for me to be back in my cage, that she “needed” for me to be the loving, affectionate puppy-girl of her desires again.  I love that!  That really excites me.  It seems that the little break in our puppy training routine while we were moving was hard on us both.  I love that too!  Master said this morning, “You’d better get used to being in your cage; I really like you this way.”  That makes me very hot!

Daddy says that she hopes that the effect of cage training doesn’t wear off over time, that I don’t get desensitized to it.  What can say except to experiment with it and see what happens.  I  have to confess that I was feeling so detached and moody from weeks of no puppy training by the time that my Master put me back in my cage 2 nights ago that I felt real concern that cage training wasn’t going to work anymore.  I felt kind of indifferent to being in my cage when Daddy told me that she would be putting me in for the night, I kind of felt like, “I’m over it.  I’m bored with the cage.”  But I did what I was told to do and got in my cage at bedtime, and guess what… when I woke up yesterday morning (and again this morning) I was the happy, affectionate, sweet sexual puppy all over again.  And I was surprised and amazed at the involuntary power of my response to cage training.  And amazed at how well rested I felt when I woke up.  So all I can say about whether cage training will always work is, “Daddy, trust your intuition and let the results of your training methods speak for themselves.”

Our new house has this nice, small room in the basement.  This room has 2 small windows up high, wood paneling, and brand new, well padded, plush carpeting.  It’s about the size of a jail cell.  It occurred to me yesterday that this room could make a very nice confinement space for my Master’s puppy-girl.  I mentioned to Daddy that we could put a locking doorknob with the lock on the outside, put a pee pad in a corner, a bowl of water and a dish of food and she could leave her puppy safely while she’s busy with other stuff.  Add some locking puppy mitts and maybe some light bondage occasionally for different affects.  We could even work out a method for completely blacking out the small windows when we want to (maybe with a fan outside the door to create white noise) to see what affect sensory deprivation has on Master’s puppy-girl.  The point, of course, is to keep me the sweet, loving, sexually wound up pet-girl for my Daddy.

I think my Master likes some of my ideas for the basement bedroom.

I love that my Master is really beginning to understand how training creates desired behavior in her pet-girl.  Just as with any pet, the more consistent the training is, the more consistent the results will be.  In other words, keeping me in a cage overnight results in a very, very affectionate, sexually wild puppy-girl in the morning.  The more mornings that I wake up like that, the more affectionate, sexual and submissive I’ll be all the time (not just in the morning.)  Different types of training might yield different kinds of affects.  It’s okay to experiment.  I really want my Master to know that I’m her willing pet.  Anything that she’d like to try, anything she reads about, hears about, imagines in her mind, I hope she’ll feel completely free to try; she can’t know how I might respond to something unless she experiments with it.  I’m her pet; I’ll follow her lead.  If she needs me to do prep, like installing doorknobs, tying myself down, or otherwise preparing a space, she just needs to let me know what she wants me to do and I’ll do it.  I trust my Daddy with my life!


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