Cranky Puppy

I’ve never been happier than I am living the life of Daddy’s puppy-girl.  My Daddy is gentle and permissive, but there’s rarely a doubt that she’s in charge. 

Last night as Daddy was winding down and getting herself ready for bed, she surprised me with the most delightful treat.  I came walking up the stairs to find Daddy holding a bone-shaped Valentine’s Day cookie.  She held it up high and had me get down on my knees in front of her.  She kept me there for a few minutes in a begging posture getting me to bark for her as she fed me the treat one bite at a time.

To tell the truth, I was in a very strange, somewhat distant frame of mind as I walked up the stairs just before Daddy offered me that treat.  Daddy and I had been talking about ex-lovers off and on for a couple of hours last night, and that always leaves me feeling insecure and kind of detached from Daddy.  I was wondering if maybe Daddy was upset too.  Daddy was tired and going to bed early and I figured I would be left alone with my upset mood to deal with it on my own.  Then Daddy got me down on my knees and made me bark and beg for a treat.  In the gap between 2 heartbeats my insecure mood instantly evaporated and there was nothing in my Universe except my Daddy, the treat in her hand, and the purest burning love of this puppy for her loving owner.

Just like that my bad mood was disolved.  Everything was once again right with the world.  I felt safe and secure under my owners loving protection.  Daddy went to bed and drifted off into exhausted peaceful sleep, and a little while later I came to bed, crawled in beside her and licked her face until she woke up and wrapped her arms and legs all around me.

Thank you, Daddy, for not leaving me to wallow in my moodiness last night.  Thank you for knowing just what to do to leave me feeling loved, secure and owned before you went to bed.  Thank you for the yummy treat!  But most of all, thank you for letting me be your beloved, pampered puppy and for not letting me forget it.


2 Responses to “Cranky Puppy”

  1. Oh, silly puppy!

    You are so easy. I guess I’ll have to keep making you little treats to keep you sweet. I love you, Princess!



  2. Yum Treats!

    I love you too, Daddy.

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