Puppy Love

I’m in love with my life!  I adore being my Daddy’s puppy-girl.  I adore my Daddy.

I’m so looking forward to settling into our new home.  Everything about it suggests that our new house is going to be a regular haven for a puppy-girl.

I love that Daddy is more and more getting into the pure joy of being a human-pet owner.  (Yesterday’s exercise was learning to bark on command, though I don’t know how satisfying that was for her; treats may have made it go smoother.) 

With our current house being shown to prospective future tenants during the day, I’ve gotten very good at setting up and breaking down my cage in a hurry.  I timed myself Wednesday night; it took me 7 minutes from the time I pulled the collapsed cage out from under Daddy’s bed until I had it up and ready to crawl into.  When we get to the new house in 2 weeks I’ll have my own little spot for my cage to be set up always!  (Unless I get into trouble, I suppose, and Daddy has me drag it into another room to make me sleep alone without the enjoyment of listening to her soft night time breathing.)

Even my co-workers seem to have grown accustom to me being a pet-girl.  It’s to the point that I wear my collar all the time (except in the shower), even at work.  Mind you, I work in a corporate environment where I’m expected to dress nice everyday.  And I do.  I’m told that I’m quite pretty.  Whether I’m wearing a dress or a skirt-suit, whether I’m dressed in skirt and sweater or slacks and jacket, I have my lovely pink leather collar around my neck.  (I take the bell off and hang it from my purse while I’m at the office.)  At first my co-workers seemed distantly curious, clearly noticing the collar but never asking about it.  Now they don’t even seem to notice it anymore; it’s just become part of who I am, like wearing the same glasses or the same watch everyday.  This is what my collar looks like.


See, I really do have the perfect puppy life, a Daddy who adores and pampers me, corporate integration, the dream puppy home, and a super comfortable, warm, secure cage to be locked in at night.  All other puppies should envy me, human and canine alike.


One Response to “Puppy Love”

  1. Hi Puppy Princess
    I hope you’ll enjoy your new home, and I look forward to reading about your experiences there. I’d also like to thank you for your advice. Turns out there is a monthly Munch in my city. Have you ever been to a Munch? Would that be a good way for me to find a Mistress?

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