Daddy’s Girl

I must really be getting comfortable with my cage; I think I may have slept right through the night last night without getting up to change positions.  I crawled in there at bed time, got a little drink from the bottle hanging on the side, flopped on my side with my arms and legs in front of me puppy style, and I crashed out.  I didn’t hear Daddy’s alarm go off this morning.  I didn’t hear Daddy get up.  I didn’t wake up until I heard Daddy fiddling with the locks on the door of my cage.  That’s a first!  I was out like a light, comfy, and at perfect peace.

Oh man, was I ever happy to see my Daddy when she woke me up from a dead sleep to let me out!  Can you imagine the rush of beginning my day from the very second that I opened my eyes with a surge of joy and excitement to see the face of the one I love the most who’s come to bring me relief and affection?  I just couldn’t stop kissing and snuggling her.  Poor Daddy, she was so tired; she just lay there and let me stroke and caress and kiss her all over.  My Daddy is the best!

I had a cool experience last Saturday.  Daddy had some special project that she needed to do at work in the middle of the night.  It’s the first time that Daddy has worked at night since I’ve known her, so it was the first time I’ve been home by myself at night since we’ve lived together.  So, Daddy was gone for about 3 hours, from 10 pm until 1 in the morning.  Of course I stayed up and waited for her.  I watched a movie.  I read some blogs.  I really started to miss her.  It isn’t unusual for Daddy to go to bed before me, so I’m use to spending time alone at night.  But when she’s in bed and I’m up, I’m comforted by the awareness that she’s downstairs, safe and at peace in bed, and I sometimes even go down to watch her sleep and to plant a kiss on her forehead.

At some point in the evening Saturday night, Daddy’s absence started to creep into my reflexive mind.  A sadness came over me.  I felt a sad little puppy whine building up in my chest.  In an effort to comfort myself, I crawled under the coffee table and lay on my side pretty much in the same position I get into when I sleep in my cage.  It did feel comforting.  It was a little hard to see the TV from down there, so I crawled up on the couch and lay in the same position.  There was a little niggling urge in my heart to go lay by the front door and watch out the window for Daddy to come home. 

As I lay there on the sofa, on my side, legs and arms in front of me like a puppy in her cage, it struck me that sleeping in my cage every night is having a profound affect on how I interact with Daddy and with my environment.  I find comfort all curled up and warm in my cage, and as I lay there on the sofa missing Daddy Saturday night I found myself comforted by assuming the position of curled-up-in-my-cage.

Mind you, I’m 67″ tall and slender, and my cage is 48″ long, 30″ wide and 35″ tall.  I love discovering that I’m so comforted sleeping cramped up like that with the blanket thrown over the top of the cage to keep me warm and to isolate me from what Daddy is doing.  Most of all, I love that I’ve discovered so much comfort in being Daddy’s obedient little puppy-girl.  I trust Daddy with my life.  I couldn’t be in better hands.  I love my life.  I’m exactly where I want to be, safe in Daddy’s care.


My Safe Space

My Safe Space

4 Responses to “Daddy’s Girl”

  1. Your cage looks a lot more comfy than that one! Poor Puppy, all alone on a Saturday night. At least I won’t have to go in late anymore (or at least that is what they are telling me this week!)



  2. It’s true, my cage is way more comfy than this one. It’s because my beautiful Daddy fills my cage with tons of love (and a big, fluffy dog bed.) I’m the most pampered puppy ever.


  3. FellowSub Says:

    Hello Puppy

    I just found your blog, and it’s very interesting. My one complaint is that you don’t have a bio section. I would like to know how you got started in this lifestyle, and what a typical day for the two of you is like. Also, and I know this will sound weird too you, I’m not a hundred percent sure that you’re a girl. You call yourself princess, girl, and wife, but you call your mistress Daddy so I’m a little confused. You also said in one post that your mistress has had boyfriends. If you are a girl, (which I think you are) is this your mistress’s first lesbian relationship, or yours? I’m a boy, but an effeminate one, stil looking for a mistress to serve. Do you have any advice on how to find a mistress?

  4. My goodness, you’re an inquisitive one.

    A word of caution: if you’re going to hang around the kink community (in many places anyway) then you’d better get use to being confused by much of what you see and hear.

    Daddy is not a gender reference between my Daddy and me. I choose not to use our names or a whole lot of identifying details about us in this blog for the sake of anonymity. The “Daddy” reference came from a particularly passionate moment of play during which my owner asked me, “Who’s your Daddy?” Of course, she is! And so that’s what I call her.

    Advice on finding a play partner? Well, not knowing who you are, how old you are, where in the world you, I don’t have much to offer. If you’re in a city, try googling things like “bdsm [your city]” and see what comes up. Find gatherings, social meetings, munchs, become a regular, get to know people. If you’re liked, you’ll get invited to private play events maybe. Just get involved.

    Beyond all that, there’s the usual bdsm internet connection sites ( and are noteable), and there’s the truly unusual (fetlife which is awesome, kind of like Myspace for kinksters.)


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