Trained to the Cage

There are moments that I wonder if there’s something seriously wrong with me.  You know, like maybe I’m wired wrong or something.

Here’s the thing, I like sleeping in a little cramped cage.  I like being locked in and waiting for Daddy to come release me.  Even though my cage is small and cramped and I can’t stretch out so I have to keep changing position through the night, I somehow get so much more rest when I’m caged.  How can that be?!?

Okay, as the last post explains, I’ve been in a strange frame of mind the past few days.  And the last 2 nights I’ve slept in the bed with Daddy.  I just felt raw and off balance and I really just wanted to be close to her in the bed, to feel loved and connected and soothed I guess.  But I find that when I sleep in the bed I go into a very deep sleep in which time is suspended, the world disappears, and I’m actually kind of all alone in a big, cold Universe.  In the morning I can’t wake up.  Daddy gets up early, and I can’t engage with her; I just sort of drift in and out of sleep and can’t seem to focus on her at all.  Then when she leaves for work I go right back into a deep sleep state and find it very difficult to get up when it’s my time to get ready for work.  And it seems to take me a very long time to really get going once I’m at work; I’m drowsy and unbalanced at my desk.

Now, when I sleep in my cage, it’s more like I drop into that super deep sleep state for periods of time, but then I come back to semi-consciousness to change positions and stretch out this muscle or that one.  I’m caged, I get cramped which wakes me up.  I move, I stretch, and then I go right back to sleep.  But there’s something else, in those moments when I wake up to change position, I’m completely focused on Daddy sleeping in the bed beside my cage, her breathing, her movements.  There’s a closeness and connection that I seem to miss when I’m sleeping right beside her, I guess because I get into such an unconscious state when I’m in the bed.  And then, come morning when Daddy opens my cage and lets me out, I’m so, so, SO thrilled to see her and touch her, that I’m overwhelmed with the excitement!  I come to life in a powerful way.  Daddy becomes ALL I can focus on.  In the first hour after Daddy releases me, again the world disappears, only now it’s me and Daddy all alone and in love in a big passionate Universe!  And after Daddy gets up for work, I can’t go back to sleep; I lay there and bask in the glow as every nerve ending in my body and beyond hums with the memory of Daddy’s loving embrace.  And I have no problem getting up for work.  I have no problem getting in the groove once I get to work.  I’m not tired.  I’m not unbalance. 

But I am confused as to why I seem to thrive best when I’m caged.  It just seems odd.  Am I the only one like this?  Are there others?

Well, all I can say is thank God for Daddy.  What are the odds that I could have found someone to love me as sweetly as she does while at the same time finding enjoyment in having me sleep nearly every night in a little puppy cage.  Daddy truly is one of a kind; we were surely created specifically for each other!


One Response to “Trained to the Cage”

  1. Amen to that sister, we were created for each other. I love you, puppums!



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