My Hero

Right now, in this moment, I feel completely humbled and blown away.  This is just one of those days in which I feel amazed by Daddy’s energy and instincts.  I’m so happy to follow her anywhere.

I never would have believed or imagined that I could ever find such simple joy and pleasure in being a human pet.  I have to wonder if Daddy ever imagined in her wildest dreams that someday she would be the proud, happy owner of a trainable, cageable, obedient human-puppy.  Really, think about this: I (usually) do what I’m told to do; I earn my own way (actually, I make pretty good money); I hand over my paycheck on request; I’m quite physically fit and pretty; I (mostly) clean up after myself; I eat what Daddy puts in front of me; I go wherever Daddy wants to go; I’m smart and well read; I give foot rubs; I don’t whine and complain about being caged for as long as Daddy wants me in my cage… I guess the true wonder is that more people don’t aspire to have their own human-pet.

What I’m really loving in this moment is basking in the deliciousness of the ease with which Daddy reduces me to pet status, knowing what a difficult transition it was for her to release her cultural desire to have an equal partner, like two masters searching for middle ground somewhere between the effort to dominate each other.  She must have thought I was nuts trying to hand my will over to her.  But she finally accepted my surrender, and I’m so thrilled to see her grow into her role as pet owner.  I can actually see it growing in her a little more everyday, the easy way she calls me “puppy”, tells me whether I’m eating on the floor or at the table, tells me whether I’m sleeping in the bed or in my cage, the way she casually reaches out and pets my head.  There’s more though, there’s an air of authority around her, like an aura.  It’s hot and it’s erotic.  I feel blessed and privileged to witness her awakening to her strength and power.  And I feel safe and secure as I see in her eyes the dawn of realization that she can bend the whole world to her will as easily as she commands her pet.  Imagine how powerful she must feel to take total control of and to easily train an intelligent, willful human woman; is there anything that can stand in the way of a woman with that kind of power?  Daddy is my hero!

I love you, Daddy!


One Response to “My Hero”

  1. I love you, too, Princess! And this weekend you are following me to Bonneville for more pampering. I can’t wait!



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