Love of Self

I love my Daddy!

I’ve come to completely love sleeping in my cage at night.  I love being curled up on my dog bed with a heavy blanket thrown over the top of my cage to keep me warm.  I love the sound of my Daddy’s breathing in the bed next to my cage.  I very much love hearing Daddy moving around in the bed, changing positions; it gives me a secure, warm, erotic feeling.  When I’m curled up in the dark, the door to my cage locked, and I hear Daddy rolling over in her bed, I know to my core that I’m owned and loved and cherished and pampered.  Safe and secure in my cage, I know that Daddy will protect me from all harm.

More than anything else, I love morning, when Daddy lifts the blanket and unlocks the door to my cage.  I love her beautiful face first thing in the morning.  I love crawling out of my cage and burying my face in Daddy’s crotch, licking her feet, her legs.  I love crawling into the bed with Daddy.  I’m simply overwhelmed with love and passion.  I can’t stop myself from kissing her all over.  I have to take in her scent, her taste.  I have to bury my face in her hair and smell and taste every inch of her soft, warm body.  I love that, even when Daddy is too tired to respond to my passionate play first thing in the morning, I still just can’t stop myself from kissing and licking and caressing her until she actually makes me stop so she can get up for work, and I’m perfect thrilled and ecstatic just to be allowed to lavish my Daddy with my attention without any expectation that she pay attention to me or respond to me.

I’ve chosen to surrender my will to Daddy in all things.  My life belongs to Daddy, to do with what she wills.  And she’s agreed to accept my gift of total surrender.  My life is in Daddy’s hands.  And I’ve never been happier in my life.  I’ve never felt as safe as I do right now, in Daddy’s hands.  I’ve never felt this clear in my mind.  I’ve never loved myself as much as I love myself in complete surrender to the love-of-my-life.  In Daddy’s hands I’m a nicer person.  I’m becoming kinder, lighter, happier.  The more control Daddy becomes willing to take from me, the more willing I become to hand all decisions and my very fate over, and I can feel myself becoming less and less of a brat.  I WANT Daddy to take control.  I WANT Daddy to tell me what to do.  I WANT to face the consequences if I’m foolish enough to choose to defy Daddy’s instructions.  I WANT to surrender to Daddy like I want air! 

I want to love myself, and everyday that I choose surrender, everyday that I set my intention to be the best, most obedient puppy ever, I feel the love I have for myself increase… and I feel my love for Daddy increase a million-fold!

At last I’m the woman I was born to be.  Sleeping in my cage, waiting patiently for Daddy’s attention, is the greatest peace I’ve ever known in my life.  Waking up to Daddy unlocking the door of my cage and letting me into her bed is the greatest passion I’ve ever experienced; I didn’t even know such passion existed.

I love the privilege of sleeping in my cage.  I feel myself being trained over time to be nice and obedient and helpful and not to be a smart ass or a brat so that Daddy might let me continue to enjoy the privilege.  I realize that Daddy understands how much I love being in my cage and how much I love waking up to her letting me out each morning, and I understand that Daddy is making a sacrifice and a choice each night that she chooses to allow me to sleep in my cage rather than to sleep in the bed with her, keeping her warm through the night (which I know she loves.)  And I feel myself being trained to want to earn the privilege of sleeping in my cage with my obedience and helpfulness.  And I love more than anything this experience of Daddy holding my day to day fate in her hands.  I love being owned, controlled and handled like any pampered puppy is. 

I love you, Daddy!  Thank you for gifting me with these experiences.  I vow and intend to always honor your gift with my service and obedience.  I intend to grow more and more ever mindful of my mandate, “What can I be doing right now to increase my Daddy’s joy?” 

Daddy, you are my Master and my Guiding Light.  I am your obedient, adoring puppy.  I choose to surrender as much of my will as you are willing to accept from me.  And I thank you with every fiber of my being for the privilege of serving you.


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