Mind Blowing

Oh my effing gawd, Daddy.  I’m totally speechless.  You amaze me.

Thank you very much for allowing me the opportunity to experience the full measure of my shame when I got home from work yesterday afternoon.  When I saw your note on the counter it never occurred to me to question or defy your instructions.  I felt embarrassed and ashamed for disappointing you.  It didn’t cross my mind to grab a snack like I always do.  I didn’t even check the thermostat to make sure the house was warm enough (usually the first thing I do when I walk in the door), I did exactly what the note said without hesitation.  I took off my clothes, crawled into my cage, pulled the blanket over the cage and snapped the padlock closed.  How long was I in there? I have no idea.  I laid there a while in the dark, then from somewhere deep in the center of my chest I felt this small, high pitched whining coming out of me.  Actually, I discovered something yesterday, thanks to you Daddy; I discovered that my cage, that I love so well, isn’t nearly as much fun when I know I’m in trouble.

I don’t know how long I lay there in the dark whimpering.  But I do know that I couldn’t look at you when you finally came down and pulled the blanket back from my cage.  I felt embarrassed and ashamed and exquisitely humiliated.  When I crawled out of the cage on my belly and felt the sting of your hand on my butt and heard you calling me “bad puppy”, the shame was almost more than I could bear.  Thank you Daddy for loving me like you do! 

As I crawled up the stairs behind you and sat naked on the kitchen floor forbidden to look at you, I felt so beautifully owned; I felt your control; I knew my submission like I’ve never known it before.  Dinner was wonderful and delicious, made all the sweeter by the humiliation of being on my hands and knees with my face buried in a dish lapping up my food.  When I was done eating and I crawled into the living room where you were eating in front of the TV, you were so in control, instructing me to lay beside you on the floor.  And then allowing me to lay in the hallway outside your bathroom while you showered after dinner… I’m trembling with passion and desire for you just thinking of laying there in front of the closed door listening to you showering, drying yourself, getting dressed.  Oh Daddy, you rock my world!

How can I thank you enough, Daddy, for helping me to get so in touch with my submission and humiliation.  I know you don’t understand (hell, I don’t understand either), but it feels so right and wonderful and erotic.  For the rest of the evening all I wanted to do was to kiss and cuddle you, stretched out on the sofa beside you with my clothes off, fully on display for your enjoyment. 

I was so turned on by the time I put you to bed; I couldn’t keep my hands (or my tongue) off of you.  Every nerve ending in my body is alive and tingling with passion just to think about your orgasm, my soaked face, the soaked bed…

By the time I crawled into my cage for the night, I was exhausted and so happy and at home in my little cave.  I was happy to be happy to be in my cage again, content that my Daddy loves and forgives me and that all was right with the world.  I slept more soundly than I think I’ve ever slept in my life, safe and happy in my cage.

I was so sleepy and at peace when you pulled the blanket back and opened my cage this morning.  I didn’t feel that wild desire for you that I expected; I was happy to see you and couldn’t help licking your belly, but it was a calm, serene and simple joy just to see my Daddy.  After I peed and crawled into the bed with you though, everything changed in a thoroughly disorienting instant.  Almost from the second that my skin touched yours, my body and soul exploded into the most phenomenal orgasm I’ve ever experienced in my life.  No words to describe what you did to me this morning.  I remember screaming and convulsing.  I remember you biting down on my nipple and the resultant blood curdling ecstatic scream that must have startled the neighbors at 3 this morning.  My very being shook again and again with the mind blowing orgasm that kept coming at me in wave after wave of life altering ecstasy.  The Universe disappeared and there was only you and me in the dim light as the screaming orgasm kept coming and coming.  I wish we could have filmed the experience; no one is ever going to believe that I orgasmed for 30 to 45 minutes without pause.  I might still be coming undone in orgasm even now, hours later, if you didn’t have to get up for work.  All I could do was lay there on the bed paralyzed for nearly an hour; the slightest touch from you would have started me orgasming again, I’m sure of it.

I love you so much, Daddy!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for making me your submissive puppy girl.  I pray that I’ll always be able to crawl at your heel, lay at your feet, and sleep in a cage at the foot of your bed.  I might never completely understand what it is about being caged, humiliated and dominated that turns me on so much, but what I do know is that no one has ever reached me the way you have, and no one else ever will.  I am your submissive puppy girl, body and soul.  I will follow you anywhere.  I will follow you from lifetime to lifetime.  I never want to be far from you.  I ever want to obey you and follow your lead.  Thank you Daddy for indulging me, for caging me, for feeding me, for loving me, for owning me. 


2 Responses to “Mind Blowing”

  1. Wow, this morning really was something. And you are right, no one will believe us, but who cares? Thanks you for the delightful orgasm last night before I drifted off into a most peaceful slumber. I love you, my Princess, and I will always protect and nuture you and your puppy nature, even in public. I will be able to do it in front of people without their ever having a clue. I love you.



  2. Oh, Daddy; people kind of know, don’t you think? I wear a pink leather puppy collar with a very noisy bell dangling from it EVERYWHERE that I go.

    I intend to be the best puppy ever. I intend to make you proud. I intend to be obedient. I intend to always support your choice to be a human-puppy owner, and to be my Daddy.

    You hold the leash to my heart and the key to my cage always. I only hope and pray that someday I’ll find the words to really express to you how wonderful life is being your submissive puppy girl.

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