Soundest Sleep Ever

Oh, Daddy, I’m beside myself with bliss and joy this morning.  You really surprised me last night.  I really didn’t expect you to put my food on the ground in a bowl again last night since I ate puppy-style the night before.  I guess I assumed you’d be more tentative, trying one night, waiting a while, trying again another night.  You surprised me first when you boldly told me to leave off my top, which I was happy to do for you.  And I really, really enjoy eating on the kitchen floor while you relax and eat in the living room in front of the TV.  I love, love, love being the puppy, left in the kitchen to eat; I LOVE being your submissive puppy girl!  I feel so content and subservient after I eat that I just want to crawl to you and shower you with kisses and nuzzles of appreciation.  I feel so aligned and connected to who I really am when you treat me like that.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Daddy for helping me to get in touch with my submissive nature.  I’m happiest in submission.

You completely blew me away when you told me that I was sleeping in my cage last night!  I felt excited and turned on and submissive and grateful all at once.  I never rush to bed, but last night I was running around completely focused to get my shower done, to get the kitchen clean and to get my laundry hung up because I was so excited to sleep in the cage.  I love that you set it all up for me with my dog bed, pillows for my head, and extra blankets for padding and warmth.  And the blanket over the cage really helped me stay warm too, but I especially love that the cover is also like a blindfold that prevents me from seeing anything outside of my cage. 

Oh my goodness!  I felt like such a proper puppy girl all curled up in my cage all night.  I feel so rested and refreshed this morning.  I love that I dreamed dreams about you all night long, Daddy.  I loved hearing the little jingling bell that hangs from my collar every time I changed positions.  I love hearing you breathing peacefully and soundly in the bed next to my cage.  (I was a little concerned that you might not be able to sleep without me in the bed, that you’d get lonely and miss me; it sounded like you were resting very deeply and comfortably.)  But the best was when you came to me in the morning and pulled back the cover off my cage.  I was so excited to see you; you looked so beautiful squatting there naked, jingling keys in your hand.  I could barely wait to get to you while I waited for you to remove the locks and open the door. 

Words can’t describe my excitement, but I’m sure you felt every bit of it.  When I crawled into the bed with you I couldn’t stop kissing you, stroking you, licking you!  I was crazed with desire; I want to devour every inch of you.  I wanted to worship you!  I felt open and connected and submissive, cared for, owned, and loved.  And I wanted to project my pleasure all over my loving Daddy! 

It seems so strange to me that I get more turned on from being caged than from anything else I’ve ever known.  It makes no sense.  But I love it, so why question it? 

Thank you, Daddy, for indulging me.  I just can’t thank you enough for helping me to fully connect with my submissive nature.  I’m so happy!  I’m never happier than when I’m fully immersed in my own submission.  And I’ve never trusted anyone with my life the way I trust you.  There is no one on this planet that could ever evoke the depth of submission and joy from me that you do.  I’m sure that we were made for each other.

Please, please, please allow me to be the physical manifestation of your “I want…” nature.  Please allow me to be the physical manifestation of your Universal manager that you allow yourself to demand “I want (fill in the blank)” of, fully expecting your demands to be done.  I want to please you, Daddy.  I want to serve you.  Every fiber of my being wants to be at your feet.  Never be ashamed or embarrassed or hesitant to boss me around when you’re in the mood to.  Seriously, nothing in Creation makes me happier than being your submissive puppy girl, doing what I’m told and having predictable emotional responses finessed out of me through submission training exercises like eating off the floor, sleeping in a cage, being bossed around, and being taught (in Spanish) to do tricks.

And thank you, Daddy, for being so patient with us as we figured out a way to get the behavior you most want out of me in a way that’s most comfortable and efficient to you.  I’m so grateful to be your submissive puppy girl, on the road to a balanced, playful, connected life together.


One Response to “Soundest Sleep Ever”

  1. Gracias, mi perrita Princess!

    Te amo. te quiero. Soy tuya siempre. Tu eres la perrita mejor en todo el mundo.

    Con todo mi carino,


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