Care of Your Pet

Thank you, Daddy, for allowing me to fulfill some small part of my nature last night as your puppy for a time.  Thank you for sharing the fullness of your love for me in the form of delicious, wholesome food to be lapped out of a bowl on the floor.  Thank you, Daddy, for holding me, filled with peace and homemade chili, in your lap and just allowing our tenderness and care for each other to wash away the stress of the day.

And thank you for allowing me to help nurture in you the hard earned right to your feeling of “I want…”  You deserve to have what you want.  You’ve held yourself back long enough, Daddy, for the sake of others who’ve expected you to fulfill their unreasonable expectations.  It’s your turn to have in your life a pet who responds to your feeling of “I want…”  Thank you for allowing yourself to relax into “I want…” enough for me to help you nurture that.

When I tell you that I desire to please you, that I just need to know what you want, and you think you want to say, “I don’t know what I want”, I have a suggestion.  Begin with basics.  Ask yourself, “What could she be doing in this moment that might increase my joy?” 

When you’re in a mood to playfully boss me around, might I suggest to just stick to basics for now.  And keep in mind that the goal is to encourage your pet to feel submissive because you know that when she’s like that, she gets so damn turned on to you and sits there staring at you with that look of adoration in her eyes.  “Get me a glass of water, pet” is pretty basic.  “Take off your clothes and lay on the floor where I can see you while I watch TV.”  “Come here, pet, and rub my feet.”  “Get me a piece of chocolate, pet.”  (What is it that you want?  I bet you do know.)  “Come here and lick me, pet.”  (Maybe the goal need not be that you want your pet to bring you to orgasm just now; it could be that your intention is simply to have your pet lick you for 5 minutes in order to give your pet a demonstration of her submission to you… or maybe you do want an orgasm.)

It’s okay to be bossy in the service of teaching your pet the benefits of her submission.  Your pet WANTS to adore you.  Your pet WANTS to experience the depths of her own passion for you.  Your pet WANTS to please you and to experience her joy in your pleasure and her part in that.

If your pet is disobedient or doesn’t want to do something in the way that you asked her to, correction doesn’t need to be cruel or harsh or sadistic.  Correction can be as simple as 30 minutes in the dark in her cage, or 20 minutes outside in the dark naked, or 10 minutes facing a corner, or sitting on the floor in the coat closet or in the dark in the garage.  It doesn’t have to involve pain or spankings or the time and effort involved with bondage… it can include those things, but it doesn’t have to.  If you think she’s just going to enjoy 30 minutes relaxing in her cage, cuff her hands behind her back while she’s in there; the experience will be a lot less relaxing and she’ll remember the next time she thinks about being disobedient.  Cuff her hands behind her while she sits outside or in the garage, or put a bit gag on her if you want to;  I seriously believe that she’ll quickly learn the value of obedience.

And it isn’t that you’re being an ass or a bitch.  Just keep in mind that the goal is to connect your pet with her own submission for the sake of allowing her to tap into her adoration for you and her passion.  Let it be as light-hearted and easy as you like… and only when YOU are feeling like it. 

You know, learn to read your pet; if she seems distant from you, feel free to put her in her cage for a few minutes, or have her strip and display herself for you, or have her wait on you, or have her lay at your feet, or feed her on the floor.  Try to find out what works to bring her back from her emotionally distant place to a place of total connection and adoration.  Be playful.  Let it be joyful.  Your pet is following your lead; learn to play her like a master musician plays her instrument.  It’s what your pet is longing for.

I love you Daddy.


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