Attention Hound

I really appreciate my Daddy.  It’s a lot of work being the Dominant in a D/s relationship.  I look to Daddy to make decisions and to take the lead in most things.  If I have a strong opinion then I’ll share it, but most of the time I’m perfectly content to follow my Daddy’s lead. 

In play Daddy usually has to be the creative one.  She has to figure out what we’ll do, how we’ll do it.  She has to plan and execute the scene (especially if she doesn’t want me to know what’s coming next.)  Unless I’ve tied myself down, Daddy is doing the buckling and unbuckling, managing locks and ropes and whether she’ll paddle or flog or caress me.  Flogging can be a lot of work.  Daddy has to be concerned with aftercare if our scene has been particularly intense or prolonged.  It’s up to Daddy to decide how long a scene will be and to monitor my well being to ensure that nothing is going unexpectedly wrong.  Daddy has to be responsible for my health and safety when I’m in a position where I can’t take care of myself.

It’s an honor for me when Daddy let’s me serve her, when I’m allowed to pamper and please her and give her the chance to lie back and enjoy my attention.  And I’m always eager to simply lie quietly and obediently when Daddy wants to just leave me alone tied to a table or locked in a cage so that she’s free to take care of things she needs to take care of without having to pay attention to me.  (I’m sort of an attention seeking puppy; regardless of where we are or what we’re doing, unless Daddy has tied me down, I tend to hover around her and constantly stroke, kiss and caress on her.  She usually likes having me following her around, kissing her head and neck, stroking her arms, holding her hand, but I guess sometimes she needs a break.  Ah, the life of a lap dog.)

And then there’s fetch.  Fetch is a sweet, playful, bonding activity where Daddy gets to fully enjoy her puppy girl and I get to do all the work.  (It’s hard work running back and forth on all fours bringing the toy back to Daddy!)  And I love being Daddy’s smart little fetcher!

And I really, really appreciate the effort that Daddy puts into taking the lead, managing the scenes, taking care of her puppy’s needs, and being fabulous while doing it.  I love my Daddy more than words could ever adequately express.  I just wanted to say so.

I love you, Daddy!


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  1. and I love you, my sweet Princess. I really love you.



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