Content to Consent

Hi Daddy,

Here’s something that I think you should know about me.  When we were talking last night, I got that you are feeling unsure of yourself as a Domme and maybe a little inadequate.  I’m concerned that you are feeling that you’re not living up to my expectations, like maybe there’s not enough play time for puppy girl, maybe there’s not enough discipline or punishment or consistent training for puppy girl.  What you need to know about me is that I’m easy.  I love you with every fiber of my being.  I don’t expect anything of you that way.  I’m really just looking to you and following your lead.  I would follow you anywhere, Daddy, you know that.

I know I can get bratty and bossy at times.  And it’s okay that you let me get away with it sometimes.  And I want you to know that I will never resist and will always welcome correction, punishment and guidance from you whenever you feel I’m going too far or even if you’re simply not in the mood for shit from me.  I consent to you taking the lead at any and all times.

I understand that there are a lot of fun things we like to do with our time.  We have friends to visit with, movies to enjoy, places to visit, conversations to have, and naps to take.  There isn’t always time to set aside for bondage and spankings and puppy play.  I’m 100% chill with that and completely following your lead.  I’m 100% content to be your submissive and your puppy whether we’re cuddled up on the couch watching a movie, whether we’re out with friends, whether you’re asking my advice on family or money issues, whether you’re tying me down and flogging me, or whether we’re just strolling through the neighborhood hand in hand.  It doesn’t matter whether we’re hanging out with friends and family or in a fancy restaurant, I’m still always your submissive little puppy girl, and I’m content.

If all we ever do is go to play parties and munches as voyeurs, if that’s you’re comfort level, I’m 100% content with that.  I’m happy to be your property, and I’m content hanging around with other community people who are keenly aware that I belong to you.  You don’t have to tie me to wall or beat me black and blue in order to prove yourself to me or to anyone else.  I look to you as my Lead.  You don’t have to prove yourself.  You don’t have to be or do anything; my surrender is my gift to you.  It doesn’t have to look like Paul’s surrender to Robin or Katt’s surrender to Bruce or Marlene’s surrender to Rand.  My surrender to you is a gift for you to use as you see fit.  If that means that the extent of our playing is to go to parties and watch but never play, that’s perfect.  If it means that I only occasionally stand in a corner or spend time tied to the massage table or locked in a cage because I’m pushing your buttons, or because you feel like some alone time, or simply because you feel like asserting your control over me for the fun of it, that’s perfect.  If it means that you’re over the whole kink thing and I’m just going to assume the role of the 50’s housewife, taking care of you and doing what I’m told, that’s perfect.  And even if it means that you get a “wild hair” and decide to tie me to a tree in the front yard and beat me black in blue in front of all the neighbors, will that’s your call and I’m following your lead; that’s perfect too.  Or if you tie me to a wall at a play party and ask every person who walks by to take a couple shots at me with a flogger, again, it’s totally your call and I’m following your lead.

Here’s the thing you already know about me that maybe you’ve forgotten.  I can take care of my needs.  You already know that if I feel a need to spend time tied to the table, well, I’ll go downstairs, tie myself very securely and wait for you to release me.  You know that if I really feel I need play time, you’re likely to come home from work and find me securely bound and waiting for you.  And you already know that it doesn’t matter to me whether you decide to leave me tied like that for hours, whether you decide to beat me ’til I’m bruised, whether you decide to mount me and pleasure yourself, or whether you decide to immediately untie me because you have plans for us to go somewhere or do something… I’m following your lead. 

You haven’t come home and found me tied in the basement for quite a while.  Want to know why?  Because I’m perfectly content just being your submissive puppy girl in all contexts.  I’m content going to munches and making friends in the kink community.  I’m 150% content being your submissive anywhere anytime.  I’m content sitting on the floor at your feet at Emily’s birthday party.  I’m content at your feet in the evening when we’re watching teevee.  I’m content telling people “If you want something from me, you have to ask her; she’s my owner.”  I’m not feeling a lack of play time or of punishment.  I’m not feeling a lack.  I’m content.

And I’d like you to be aware and to understand that at any time you can decide that you want to play, or you want to leave me tied in the basement for a few hours, or you want to flog me, or you want me to stand in the corner, or you want me on my knees, or you want me to eat from a bowl on the floor, or you want me to play fetch, or to be your puppy for the day.  I’m following your lead and you don’t need to ask my permission.  I’m telling you here and now that I’m consenting to you taking control of me whenever it suits you.  Even if I argue or say “I’m not in the mood tonight,” I’m consenting to you pushing through my resistance if you feel like it and having your way with me whether I like it or not.  I’m yours, plain and simple.  This is my blanket consent.

I know that you love me and want to keep me healthy and happy and submissive.  I trust that you aren’t going to harm me or put me in danger.  I know that you honor my needs and will always grant me a fair listening if I want to negotiate your plan to do something with or to me.  I know that first and foremost you’re all about having fun and being joyful.  And so I’m 100% comfortable with letting yours be the last word and letting you make the final decision.  I will submit to your will when told to.

I love you, Daddy.  I’m your submissive little puppy girl.  You never need to prove yourself to me or anyone else.  You are perfect just as you are.

I love you with all my being.


One Response to “Content to Consent”

  1. Fair enough. I love you, too. Thanks for sharing and being my one and only.



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