Holiday Weekend

Daddy and I had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday.  Daddy prepared a simple feast and some amazing desserts.  We got to spend the whole day at home alone in our pajamas.  We cuddled, we kissed, we ate, we watched funny movies.  It was the most perfect day ever.  Really the whole weekend was perfect.

Daddy had a down day on Sunday.  We’ve been doing so much growing and exploring together over the past year.  We’re both becoming highly spiritual beings in our our right, plus we’re growing into our power exchange dynamic as a couple.  Spirituality and D/s dynamics feel perfectly natural within the context of a loving, committed marriage.  I think that Daddy hit a plateau on Sunday and needed to shut down emotionally for a day so her spirit could reboot and integrate all the growth experiences of the past several months.  When she woke up Monday morning, she was alert, alive, in charge and more joyful than ever. 

Last night Daddy took me to a local BDSM discussion group.  It was a holiday social, kinky auction and pizza party.  The event was very well attended.  Daddy won a door prize: a full-head harness with integrated padded leather blindfold and ball-gag.  Daddy let me model for the crowd a beautiful posture collar that was up for auction.  We visited with friends, and we had a conversation with a man, a masochist who asked me if I’d be willing to beat him some time.  I let him know that if such a thing were to happen that it would be up to Daddy and that I would want Daddy to do it with me.  He seemed nervous about Daddy being included.  I called Daddy over and the three of us discussed it briefly.  Daddy wants to think about it for a while.  I feel a little iffy about it too.  I like that Daddy is only interested in me.  I like that Daddy doesn’t want to share me with anyone else.  I like that Daddy loves me only and is so very cautious about ever doing anything that could potentially jeopardize or damage what we have.

I love that so many people in the local kink community think I’m beautiful and desirable.  I love that only Daddy gets to touch me.  I love being hot and sexy on my Daddy’s arm so that heads turn to look when we walk into a room. I love being Daddy’s little puppy girl.  I love that I’m under my Daddy’s protection.


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