The Inner Brat

My name is Puppy Princess and I am a brat.  This is my confession.

In all fairness, I’m way better than I’ve ever been before.  Partly it’s maturity.  Partly it’s consciously aligning myself with the power of positive thinking.  And most recently I fell hopelessly in love and vowed my obedience to the kindest, prettiest dominant woman ever… and I want my service to her to always reflect well on her skill as my Trainer/Daddy. 

In this moment, my inner brat is putting up quite the fight.  She doesn’t want to be exposed.  She doesn’t want all the bits of how she manifests laid on the table for my Daddy to recognize, acknowledge and actively train to minimize.  There’s a storm of resistance within me; the inner brat believes that if Daddy doesn’t recognize her within various personality quirks, then she’s free to run rampant and have her way.  And the inner brat WANTS HER WAY!

Most obviously, I’m a smart ass.  I’m very intelligent.  I don’t think I’m bragging when I say, I’m extremely smart.  And I can be quick to impatience when I feel that people around me are being oblivious to what’s happening around them.  I’ve never habitually been an outright jackass; instead I sugarcoat my bratty remarks with wry humor.  It seems like there have always been people around me who appreciate my acidic wit (except when I turned it on them.)  And I’m not nearly as sardonic as I use to be, but I’m certain that Daddy knows exactly what I’m talking about here.  And I know that Daddy is more often annoyed by my bratty observations than she is amused by them.

Closely related to being a smart ass, I have a tendency to tease.  (I KNOW that Daddy’s aware of what I’m talking about here.)  Teasing is a huge subject that covers a lot of ground.  (Not to confuse mutual playfulness with teasing; there’s a difference.  Though sometimes teasing is playfulness gone too far.)  Now that I think about it, teasing was something my older brother did to me quite a lot when I was little.  Could it be that I learned that big ones tease little ones and that’s just the way of the world?  Still, it’s no excuse, and for a chronic teaser, there’s a gossamer thin veil between playfulness and teasing.  A shift of intention, perhaps, could widen that gap so that the boundary becomes more clear between what is playful and what is annoying.

Okay, here’s the one that the brat doesn’t want to admit.  I have a tendency towards petty jealousy.  And though this might not be as obliviously a component of the inner brat, I’m here to tell you that it is.

Petty jealousy is something I already wrote about recently, and Daddy has already begun a training program towards helping me to get this one under control.  I’m not going to get into it to much more other than to openly acknowledge this, petty jealousy, as bratty behavior.

Of course, with petty jealousy comes poutiness.  I think that of all the bratty tendencies I have exhibited, poutiness is the one I’m least comfortable with.  I have no patience for my own pouty attitude when it surfaces.  Seriously, Daddy, show no mercy when it comes to blatant poutiness… time out, punishment, no corrective action is too big to combat this one.  Poutiness is the one I’m most likely to get angry about when called on it, and least likely to cop to.  This is a manifestation of negative thinking that cannot be allowed to fester for any length of time.

I’ve heard that procrastination is a bratty behavior.  I don’t recognize procrastination as being bratty necessarily, but I do recognize procrastination as a behavior that Daddy and I both exhibit.  Though I’m quick to admit that I have it worse than Daddy, and ultimately, Daddy’s in charge, not me.

Is procrastination a bratty tendency?  If anyone happens by this blog and reads this, I’d love to hear other opinions on this one.

One thing all these bratty behaviors have in common is that they either are or they induce negative thinking.  I can’t abide negative thinking.  I am so grateful to my Daddy for helping me to tame the inner brat.  There is only one thing in all the world that I want more than to be a positive thinking puppy most of time, and that is to always serve my Daddy with a glad heart.


2 Responses to “The Inner Brat”

  1. jbsbutterfly Says:

    “Is procrastination a bratty tendency?”

    Mmm, I can see how it could be….like when you’re putting off something that your Daddy has told you to do or expects you to do. But other than that, I really don’t see it as bratty, just a bad habit.

    As you know, I’m totally new to all this stuff though, so take my opinion as just that….my opinion….one that can easily change as I learn more about the life of bdsm….


  2. Hi butterfly,

    Thank you for weighing in on the question. I think I’m with you on this one; procrastination could be an element of brattiness (ignoring direction, dragging my feet) but may not necessarily always be specifically a “bratty” trait. The reason it came up for me is that I Google-searched “brat” and found lists of bratty behavior some of which was clearly bratty, but much of which just didn’t seem specifically bratty to me. I also realized, in my research, that I may not be nearly as big a brat as I thought I was.

    Still, if I’m doing things (or not doing things) against my Daddy’s instructions/desires, those personality quirks may just need to be dealt with and corrected as Daddy sees fit.

    I sure appreciate your input.


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