Power Dynamics

It’s been a couple of days since I spent an entire day as my Daddy’s puppy girl.  Daddy has been very gentle with me these past couple of days.  I think she realizes how hard I worked to really be her puppy 100%.  She knows that I’ve been sore since Saturday.  And I like to think that the wild orgasm her puppy gave her at the end of the day has kept her satiated and relaxed these past couple of days.

Also, Daddy loves me.  My Daddy really enjoys spending time with me, talking, cuddling, sharing our dreams and visions and the details of our days.  It can be a lot of work being a Domme all day everyday; Daddy deserves her rest.  Daddy appears to be developing an intuitive sense of balance about our power dynamic, learning to read just how much training is needed and how often in order to maintain an acceptable balance between my willful bratiness and my submissive puppiness.  Daddy is getting good about putting me in check with a word or a simple reminder that I’ll find myself nose to the wall or tied to the table for as long as she likes if I don’t remember my place.  And I’ve learned that my favorite place is on the floor at my Daddy’s feet (unless Daddy invites me up on the sofa to sit at her side and cuddle.)

Daddy excitedly shared with me yesterday that she feels herself changing and growing in all areas of her life as she and I grow into our power exchange dynamic.  She feels powerful and in control at work, with her extended family, with strangers in the grocery store.  She feels powerful in a way she never has before. 

It’s amazing to me that as Daddy asserts her dominance over me over time, I find myself more in my element in the world.  I find myself at ease at work, with friends, everywhere I go.  I feel my humility more acutely than ever before.  And I see how the dominant people in my life sense my submission and respond with a desire to want to protect and shelter me.  And on the other side of the power dynamic, Daddy feels herself growing in power and dominance in the world, and she’s sensing the submissive-leaning people in her life responding to her power by wanting to give way to her and do as they’re told.  Clearly, this is the most perfectly harmonious relationship of my life.  My Daddy and I are perfectly matched to each other and as a result, together we are becoming so much more than either of us has ever been individually before.  This is the Holy Relationship.

My muscle soreness is subsiding.  Pain flared up in my knee yesterday at the office.  When I got home from work I wrapped my knee with a compression bandage and today it feels much better.  I’m hoping that tonight after dinner my Daddy might set me up with fist mitts and knee pads and let me exercise my puppy legs for an hour before bed.  I love feeling at home in my Daddy’s control.  I want to be her strong puppy, ready for action at her command.  I want to build the strength of my four-legged gait.  And I long for the humility of my Daddy’s superiority, Mistress to puppy, powerful trainer to naked human pup.  I’m grateful to be more and more my Daddy’s little submissive.


One Response to “Power Dynamics”

  1. Shepard’s Pie will be a nice treat in your dish on the floor. Bon Appetit!



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