Dog Days of Autumn

We had company tonight after work.  A couple of friends came over to spend some time with Daddy and me after dinner.  Before our company came over, Daddy and I were sitting on the sofa cuddling.  She told me that she was feeling some disappointment that people were coming over.  Daddy loves our friends, but she really wanted to see me naked; she said that she wanted to see me strip and to “do things” to me.  I love my Daddy’s attention.  The idea of her playing out the perverted fantasies that she makes up in her head during the day with me as her eager submissive gets me instantly wet.

I suggested that Daddy could tell our company that I was napping, that she could visit while I wait for her attention in the basement.  But Daddy wanted me to enjoy our friends at her side; I love that my Daddy is so concerned with my happiness and well being.  Instead of confining me to the basement, Daddy told me to stand with my face against the wall where she could watch me until our company arrived.  She made it perfectly clear that I wasn’t being punished for anything, that I’m a good girl.  Daddy just wanted to remind me of my place; this was simply a sweet little training exercise.

I stood there with my nose to the wall and my hands behind my back.  I felt like a little girl in time out.  I love it when my Daddy takes command and helps me to experience her power over me.  It turns me on to watch Daddy grow more and more in her power everyday.  I’m beginning to see that our training sessions aren’t just about me becoming more and more submissive to my Daddy’s will (which would be reason enough from my perspective) ; our training sessions are so much more than that.  As I grow and thrive in my glorious submission to Daddy, Daddy is also growing and thriving in her power over me.  As my Daddy grows more and more powerful with me, more and more forward and self assured about asserting that power over me, I find myself filling up with pride and passion to be her beloved, owned little pet.

It’s late, and I’m tired.  I’m not sure that what I’m writing is very coherent.  But I need to go lay down.  Tomorrow is Saturday, and Daddy has to be at work at 4:00 am.  She’s decided that before she leaves in the morning, she’s going to dress me in knee pads and locking fist mitts and nothing else.  She’s going to leave me to spend the day as her housebound puppy.  She wants to experience the pleasure of knowing during her work day that I’m crawling around on all fours at home, completely helpless to do anything for myself, slowly filling up with increasing anticipation for her return home in the afternoon.  She’ll leave me a bowl of water and a bowl of food.  And I’ll be left alone in our big quiet house without the use of my hands to do what dogs do: wander the halls, listen to the world going by outside, and bark at sounds if I feel like it.

I’m nervous and excited at the same time.  I’m so excited for this opportunity to submit all day to my Daddy’s power even in her absence.  I’m excited that Daddy is offering me this opportunity to go deep into puppy head-space, to become her puppy from the inside out, and to experience the incredible rush of excitement and joy when I hear the garage door opening and know that my Daddy is home from a long day at work and my solitude is over.  And I’m nervous, I suppose, because there’s a part of me that feels judgmental, like there must be something wrong with me for allowing myself to be left in bondage by myself all day.  I mean, hell, I have things to do, don’t I?  Ha, I’m usually so damn lazy on Saturdays anyway that I might as well be a dog.  At any rate, this is what I really, really want, to be Daddy’s puppy tomorrow, to make her proud and to see her excitement and joy at the end of her day of hard work and anticipation when she walks in the door and her sweet puppy girl is there with unrestrained, reflexive excitement to see her.

I love my Daddy for reminding me everyday that she owns me.  I love my Daddy more than I’ve ever loved another human being.  And I absolutely, positively love being her submissive pet.

Thank you Daddy for taking such good care of me.

I’m off to bed; I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow.


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