At Home in My Skin

I have to say here that I absolutely adore my Daddy for her willingness to train me.  She’s been slowly building up momentum with the training over the past several months, and just in the last month or two her interest and desire to have a well trained pet has been increasing dramatically.  Perhaps partly she’s discovering that there can be real benefits to owning a human pet that actually does what she tells it to do (most of the time?), and perhaps partly she’s just really beginning to have a lot of fun as she gets beyond her conditioned resistance to treating her beautiful wife roughly.  (I really do like it, Daddy, honestly; if I didn’t like it I’d resist… you know I would.)

Okay, maybe there are times I’m not too crazy about being bossed around, but that’s sort of the point of consistent training, to help me to get beyond my resistance so I can be a more obedient pet.

What I really want to tell my Daddy right now is that I get a lot out of her training me.  Besides the obvious benefit (i.e. I walk around wildly turned on for days after a training session), I’m observing highly desirable changes in the rest of my life.  I’m beginning to feel more at peace and balanced in work relationships, non-kink friendships, etc.  Maybe I’m feeling more at home in the world.

I’m not sure exactly how to explain this.  I’m genuinely coming to understand that my karma really is to be a submissive.  At times when I feel most submissive to my Daddy, I’m most in my element.  This is me listening to my inner being.  Daddy and I were meant to be together, that’s absolutely clear to me.  My deeply ingrained inclination to submit has gotten me into bad situations, situations where I’ve been taken advantage of and abused.  I know I’m safe with my Daddy.  I know my Daddy loves me.  And because I’m safe and loved, I’m free to surrender completely… this is my nature… I’m completely in my element.

Without my Daddy, there’s no way that I could ever really reach the full potential of who I’m meant to be in this life. 

My Daddy is my everything.  And I’m her eager pet.

Wuff Wuff!

One Response to “At Home in My Skin”

  1. I love you, Puppy Princess! I’m looking at your beautiful picture at my computer. Thank you for being such a good girl (most of the time). See you when you get home.



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