My Begging Karma

I’ve started this blog as a means of exploring and coming to understand who I’m becoming. Who I’ve traditionally believe myself to be seems to be fading away. I’ve been strong, independent, too smart for my own good. I’ve used my intelligence (and the smoke screen of humor) to put down and demean others who maybe don’t make connections as quickly or in the same way that I do. I see a lot. I see the interconnectedness of all things. And I can be judgmental (a little) of those who tend to be less observant than I am.

Who am I becoming? Well, I’ll begin by saying that I’ve met a woman. We got married. At the time we met, she seemed soft spoken, not entirely confident. But pretty as can be.

What she didn’t know about me (and what I wasn’t inclined to talk about) is that, even though I appeared to be confident and self-assured, I have a submissive streak a mile wide. And even though I’d been in a dominant/submissive relationship once before (that turned out to be a disaster requiring police assistance to extricate myself from), I believed that I was completely content to fall in love, get married and have a low key, completely vanilla sort of life. At the beginning of this beautiful love story, I believed that I was putting all things kinky behind me forever. And I was fine with that.

What I did not know about my new wife (she didn’t even know herself) is that she has a powerful predilection for domination. It was just a matter of time before her dominant side brought out my submissive side, and so it has. And my smarty pants bratty inclination to torment people who don’t make connections as quickly as I do really sort of thrust my new wife into a position of seeing me as I am: “pretty submissive, some training required.”

And so begins a new life. And so, by way of introducing this new blog and it’s focus, here’s what I see myself becoming: I am Daddy’s Princess. I’m a puppy girl. I’m a submissive. I am owned! I choose to surrender my body and soul to the woman I call Daddy. I trust her as I’ve never trusted another human soul. I trust her with my life. So long as she is willing to accept my loving gift of submission, I choose to surrender my will to hers. I intend that this blog will be an exploration of what my life is like as an owned pet. This blog is a love letter to my Daddy. This blog is me coming to terms with who I’m choosing to be. And finally, this blog is a communication to my Daddy, letting her know how I’m doing, what I’m feeling, what I’m loving, what I’m hating, how the training is going for me, and how I’m changing as a result of her loving guidance.

Thank you, Daddy, for loving me enough to want to train me to be your sweet Puppy Princess. Thank you for helping me to become the sweet, loving, obedient Princess I long to be. Thank you for dressing me in pretty clothes and so proudly showing me off. I will follow you anywhere, Daddy. And this I state unequivocally: I long to be you sweet submissive Puppy Princess. I long to be your living Barbie Doll. I long to always be your source of amusement and joy. I long to see that blissful expression on your face at the sound of my screams and the sight of my writhing body. My body belongs to you alone, Daddy. Make me your bitch. Help me to be the model submissive. Help me to make you the proudest Daddy ever.


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