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Daddy and I had a wonderful weekend. I’m so thrilled to be witness to my Master coming into her power and strength. It’s hot and it’s encouraging and it’s so sweet.

Friday afternoon I came home from work and Daddy had set my cage up complete with a mylar balloon tied to it that said “Princess” on it. After the events of early last week, with me freaking out and taking a step back to gain perspective about my submission, it was very sweet that Daddy missed seeing me in my cage and wanted me back in it. I missed it too. I’d also stopped wearing my collar for a few days last week. So Friday night Master told me that she wanted the collar back on me, and she did something that she hasn’t done before… she told me that she wanted to put it on me. Usually I just put my collar on myself, but it was sweet and felt empowering to be completely submissive to my Daddy as I knelt before her so that she could place the collar and bell around my neck. I didn’t think it was possible, but my heart expanded and my love for Master grew ten-fold in that moment.

Daddy is also figuring out that she really does have complete control over what I’m doing when she wants it; she’s discovered that if she grabs me by my collar, she can effectively paralyze and immobilize me with almost no effort. I get a little rambunctious at times, and I can play pretty rough. Twice in the past few days Master has grabbed my collar from behind and basically held me to the floor, completely unable to move, just long enough to calm me down and make me stop what I was doing. (I think the first time she grabbed my collar she might have been a little surprised that I let her get away with it… seriously though, I was surprised that she did it, and I was instantly hot for her as I saw the light of recognition come on in her eyes the moment that she actually FELT how much power she has over me.)

Also, my Master gave me instructions before she went to bed on Friday. Without any prompting on my part, Daddy told me that it was okay to stay up as late as I wanted and that I was to lock myself in my cage when I was ready to lay down. It makes me wet and gives me butterflies in my stomach to think about Daddy getting stronger and feeling more sure of herself as a pet owner. I feel overwhelmed with desire as little by little, in a million small ways, Master assumes her position and place of power as my owner and trainer. The more that Daddy takes subtle control over me, the more I find myself wanting to submit to her. The more I submit to her, the more bonded to her I become.

I love my Master with the same zeal and intensity that any puppy feels for her loving master. I’m so grateful to my Daddy for giving me this opportunity to live and grow into the truest expression of my nature. Daddy has tapped into something in me that has always been there, but that I’ve never really been able to live and express. I don’t entirely understand the feelings inside of me, but I do know that I love and trust my Daddy with every ounce of my being. I love being under her control. I love being at her feet. I love taking care of her. I love being her pet-girl for life.

I love you, Daddy.



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Thank you, Daddy for working with me to resolve my little emotional meltdown.  It’s the weirdest thing in the world to me to use my safeword; there’s a certain amount of shame that goes with it.  It’s a standard I attempt to impose on myself, that I’ll never use a safeword, that I’ll take whatever my Master does or wants to do to me and never complain or whine.  It’s shocking to me when something happens that feels so overwhelming that I just can’t seem to stop myself from shouting out my safeword.

Anyway, like I said, this is only the second time I’ve ever used a safeword.  I guess that’s a pretty good record.  (The other time, Daddy may remember, was the first time I talked her into striking me, before she became more comfortable with being my Master; she started with a flogger and I kept saying, “Is that all you got?  Hit me!”  Then she started in with the riding crop, and I kept saying, “Hit me!  Are you some sort of wimp?  Hit me!”  Next thing I knew I was shouting, “Yellowlight! Yellowlight!” and I ended up with the most beautiful grapefruit-sized black bruises on my ass that took 10 days to fade.  My Daddy ain’t no wimp!)

Please forgive me, Daddy, for calling yellowlight this time.  I’m sorry for my misunderstanding.  But I learned something valuable about myself this week.  I mean, I kind of knew it already, but my understanding has become deeper.  I’m seeing more clearly how my biggest hurdles when it comes to being a submissive and a pet are with scary emotional stuff.  Sleeping in a cage every night doesn’t bother me, in fact I love it.  Being tied to a table for 4 or 5 hours is challenging, but I can handle it.  Being flogged, spanked and paddled is a rush and cathartic, and I can handle that any day of the week.  When it comes to emotional stuff though, I tend to be more frail and fragile.  Will you please help me to work on this, Daddy?  Will you help me to push my limits somehow?  I don’t know just how that might work, but if we set our intention to figure it out, then I feel certain that the best course of action will come to us.

I want to trust you in all areas, Daddy.  I don’t want to have these experiences of fragility that upset you and upset me and upset everything that we’re becoming.  I want to be your sweet pet-girl and to trust you in all matters.  Please help me to be better.  I want your guidance and your leadership.  I do trust you.  I know that you and I want the same things: to see us both grow as Domme and submissive, to grow as wife and wife, to grow as the supportive, loving couple we intend to be, and to grow as individuals.  I’m positive that for my part, what’s going to help me to grow and evolve and be the best wife and lover ever is for me to commit to following the path of submission to you, my Master.  Thank you, Daddy for helping me along this path and for not giving up on me.

I’m done with my little tantrum and tirade.  Greenlight, Daddy.  If you’ll have me, I remain your sweet submissive puppy-girl to lead and train as you see fit.  Please allow me to follow your lead down this path of love and life.


Pet Training

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I had 2 experiences this morning that took my sexual desire to a new height.  Last night before I went to bed, I figured out how to set the timer on the central heat thermostat.  Daddy gets up very early in the morning to be at work by 4.  She gets up a little earlier than necessary, and I get up with her, so that we can play a little before she leaves for work.  She typically gets up, goes to the bathroom, lets me out of my cage, then crawls back into bed.  This morning when she realized that the heat had come on before she got up, I noticed that she moved at a more leisurely pace when she went to the bathroom.  I sat up in the dark of my covered cage and waited for Master to give her attention to me.  As I waited there in the dark, as each second ticked by and my bladder nudged for relief, I felt more and more the affect of Daddy’s control washing over me.  By the time she opened the door to my cage and released me, I was already wildly turned on by the sensation of being completely her surrendered pet to use and train as she sees fit.

After I peed I crawled up on the bed.  I was wild with the passion of my submission to Master’s pleasure.  I kissed her all over her head and chest.  I stroked her hair and rubbed my whole body against hers.  Master casually reached around and grabbed my collar at the back of my neck.  She gently pulled me back so I couldn’t quite reach to kiss her.  With her other hand she pinned my arm to the bed, and she used her knees against my legs so I couldn’t rub my body on hers.  I strained to break free for a moment, but when I realized that Master had complete control over me I stopped struggling and relaxed into Master’s control.  She suddenly let go of me and I went wild.  By the time Daddy got up for work, she had to fight me off of her and pin me to the bed so that she could get up.

If the point of Daddy’s pet training is to get me into a state of constant arousal all day everyday, well then she’s succeeding wonderfully.

It feels so strange, as a chronic night owl that hardly sleeps at all, that sleeping in my cage every night this week has me feeling eager to get to bed at an early enough hour that I get to spend plenty of time in my cage before Daddy lets me out.  I’ve been in my cage by 10:30 every night (an unheard of early hour for me to be in bed.)  And here it is Friday night, a night I typically get in bed about 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning, here it is 10:30 and I’m rushing to get this blog entry posted so that I can run up stairs and get ready for bed.  As it turns out, an unexpected consequence of Master training me to sleep in my cage is that I’m getting a lot more rest than I usually do.

Just one more way that being Daddy’s puppy-girl keeps me healthy, happy and ever Daddy’s loving pet.


Why Is It?

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This is the strangest thing ever to me.  Why is it that on the nights that I sleep in my Master’s bed with her I wake up tired and groggy?  Why is it that when I sleep in the bed I wake up but want to go right back to sleep?  Why do lay there sort of detached and in my own little world?  Why do I go right back to sleep after Master leaves for work and then have a hard time getting up for work myself?  Why do I just want to lie there quietly and hold Daddy until she gets up to get ready for work?

Furthermore, why is it that on the nights I sleep in my cage I wake up refreshed and well rested?  Why do I wake up sweet and wiggly?  Why is it that I can’t stop stroking, kissing, nibbling and licking my Master on the mornings that I wake up in my cage?  Why is it that Daddy has to fight me off from pawing and kissing on her as she gets up for work?  Why is it that on the mornings that I wake up in my cage I feel alert and energized after Daddy leaves for work and I have no trouble getting up for work myself?  How can it be that this response to sleeping in my cage feels completely involuntary, like I couldn’t stop myself from being the affection-hound even if I wanted to?

Of course my Master says, “Who cares why?  I’m just glad that it works that way.”  This morning Daddy told me how happy she is that I’m sleeping in my cage again.  She says that she “needed” for me to be back in my cage, that she “needed” for me to be the loving, affectionate puppy-girl of her desires again.  I love that!  That really excites me.  It seems that the little break in our puppy training routine while we were moving was hard on us both.  I love that too!  Master said this morning, “You’d better get used to being in your cage; I really like you this way.”  That makes me very hot!

Daddy says that she hopes that the effect of cage training doesn’t wear off over time, that I don’t get desensitized to it.  What can say except to experiment with it and see what happens.  I  have to confess that I was feeling so detached and moody from weeks of no puppy training by the time that my Master put me back in my cage 2 nights ago that I felt real concern that cage training wasn’t going to work anymore.  I felt kind of indifferent to being in my cage when Daddy told me that she would be putting me in for the night, I kind of felt like, “I’m over it.  I’m bored with the cage.”  But I did what I was told to do and got in my cage at bedtime, and guess what… when I woke up yesterday morning (and again this morning) I was the happy, affectionate, sweet sexual puppy all over again.  And I was surprised and amazed at the involuntary power of my response to cage training.  And amazed at how well rested I felt when I woke up.  So all I can say about whether cage training will always work is, “Daddy, trust your intuition and let the results of your training methods speak for themselves.”

Our new house has this nice, small room in the basement.  This room has 2 small windows up high, wood paneling, and brand new, well padded, plush carpeting.  It’s about the size of a jail cell.  It occurred to me yesterday that this room could make a very nice confinement space for my Master’s puppy-girl.  I mentioned to Daddy that we could put a locking doorknob with the lock on the outside, put a pee pad in a corner, a bowl of water and a dish of food and she could leave her puppy safely while she’s busy with other stuff.  Add some locking puppy mitts and maybe some light bondage occasionally for different affects.  We could even work out a method for completely blacking out the small windows when we want to (maybe with a fan outside the door to create white noise) to see what affect sensory deprivation has on Master’s puppy-girl.  The point, of course, is to keep me the sweet, loving, sexually wound up pet-girl for my Daddy.

I think my Master likes some of my ideas for the basement bedroom.

I love that my Master is really beginning to understand how training creates desired behavior in her pet-girl.  Just as with any pet, the more consistent the training is, the more consistent the results will be.  In other words, keeping me in a cage overnight results in a very, very affectionate, sexually wild puppy-girl in the morning.  The more mornings that I wake up like that, the more affectionate, sexual and submissive I’ll be all the time (not just in the morning.)  Different types of training might yield different kinds of affects.  It’s okay to experiment.  I really want my Master to know that I’m her willing pet.  Anything that she’d like to try, anything she reads about, hears about, imagines in her mind, I hope she’ll feel completely free to try; she can’t know how I might respond to something unless she experiments with it.  I’m her pet; I’ll follow her lead.  If she needs me to do prep, like installing doorknobs, tying myself down, or otherwise preparing a space, she just needs to let me know what she wants me to do and I’ll do it.  I trust my Daddy with my life!



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My Master (Daddy) and I are all moved out of our old house and moved into our new house.  Saturday was the day from hell!  We hired movers to take care of the heavy stuff on Saturday morning to save us the effort; the cable installation guy showed up at the same time as the movers and Daddy was at work.  So there I was, a crazed puppy, running around trying to coordinate everyone.  NIGHTMARE!  But Daddy is doing a masterful job of getting us unpacked and settled, and we’re beginning to recover a little of our sanity.

The new house is lovely.  It’s a little colder than the old house, so we’re trying to figure out how to keep the house comfortable, but it’s only been 4 days; we’ll get it right.

For me, the most challenging part of this move has been the lapse in my training.  Master and I have both been working so hard to pack and move the small stuff in our cars that there hasn’t been time or energy for formal training.  Then my dog bed got moved, and the old house was being shown to perspective tenants during our final weeks there, so we had to break down my cage and store it under the bed.  And after the move, I was so sore and achy that my Master didn’t want to put me in my cage for fear that I might cramp up and be injured.  So last night was the first time in what seems like weeks that I got to sleep in my cage.  I missed my safe cozy space.

And I learned a few things during the lapse in training about who I am and who I’m becoming and who I hope to become as a result of my Master’s training.  As the days passed with no training I felt myself slowly slipping into old modes of behavior.  I felt myself getting testy, moody and cranky.  I saw myself being disrespectful with my Daddy, and she let me get away with it, partly because we were both so exhausted that she didn’t want to push me, and partly because (I think) she looks up to me and my smarts just as much as I look up to her and her smarts, so when I’m focused and cranky and getting things done during such a stressful event as moving, I’m sure she doesn’t want to hamper that focus.

But I hated feeling that way.  The more willful and cranky I get, the less affectionate and sexual I feel.  It’s like I feel myself turning into a cantankerous old bitch that no one (not even me) wants to be around.  And nothing I’ve ever experienced in this world gets me out of that headspace like being taken in hand and trained to be submissive and respectful.  And no one has ever been able to train me like my Master can.  And I’ve never in my life wanted to submit to anyone with the complete surrender with which I want to submit to my Daddy. 

Through living life and being a freak in a world that shuns difference, I’ve learned to be sarcastic and cranky and irreverent.  These are personality traits that run very deep in me.  These characteristics bring me no pleasure.  They really just amount to a defense system to keep people from getting too close to me; if people get too close they might find out what a freak I am which is exactly what I’ve spent my entire life trying to avoid.  Sarcasm and biting wit are the thorns in me that keep most people on the outside of my emotional personal space

I don’t want to have that kind of relationship with my Master.  I want her close to me.  I want to submit to her.  I want to be trained to behave respectfully with her.  What I’m learning about myself is that I’m happiest when our training is consistent and loving.  I’m happiest in those times that Daddy actually gets me to experience my submission to her.  I’m happiest when I’m actually experiencing my submission through cage training or other forms of puppy training, through humiliation or pain.  When my Master puts me in my cage and I don’t resist, or when she puts my food on the floor and I simply get on my hands and knees to eat without question, or in those times when she’s made me follow her around a super market wearing handcuffs hidden under a sweater or when she’s out-of-the-blue had me come to her and lay face down on the floor at her feet and then up on my knees to beg for a treat, or in those moments that she bites my nipple until I scream or paddles my ass until my face is wet with tears, in those moments of total submission when I make no move to resist Master’s domination of me, those are the times that I feel most sexual, most affectionate, most open to love and being loved, and that’s who I most want to be!

I know that my Daddy loves me more than she’s ever loved anyone in her life.  And I know that her love for me is the reason that she often hesitates to hurt or humiliate me.  I hope that someday through my consistent, non-resistant submission she will learn that, at least for this little puppy-girl, I experience her dishing out of pain and humiliation as acts of purest love.  In the same way, I hope that over time, through my Master’s consistent pet training, my brain will slowly be re-wired so that I’m openly loving, affectionate and sexual with my Daddy at all times.

I love you, Daddy!


Cranky Puppy

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I’ve never been happier than I am living the life of Daddy’s puppy-girl.  My Daddy is gentle and permissive, but there’s rarely a doubt that she’s in charge. 

Last night as Daddy was winding down and getting herself ready for bed, she surprised me with the most delightful treat.  I came walking up the stairs to find Daddy holding a bone-shaped Valentine’s Day cookie.  She held it up high and had me get down on my knees in front of her.  She kept me there for a few minutes in a begging posture getting me to bark for her as she fed me the treat one bite at a time.

To tell the truth, I was in a very strange, somewhat distant frame of mind as I walked up the stairs just before Daddy offered me that treat.  Daddy and I had been talking about ex-lovers off and on for a couple of hours last night, and that always leaves me feeling insecure and kind of detached from Daddy.  I was wondering if maybe Daddy was upset too.  Daddy was tired and going to bed early and I figured I would be left alone with my upset mood to deal with it on my own.  Then Daddy got me down on my knees and made me bark and beg for a treat.  In the gap between 2 heartbeats my insecure mood instantly evaporated and there was nothing in my Universe except my Daddy, the treat in her hand, and the purest burning love of this puppy for her loving owner.

Just like that my bad mood was disolved.  Everything was once again right with the world.  I felt safe and secure under my owners loving protection.  Daddy went to bed and drifted off into exhausted peaceful sleep, and a little while later I came to bed, crawled in beside her and licked her face until she woke up and wrapped her arms and legs all around me.

Thank you, Daddy, for not leaving me to wallow in my moodiness last night.  Thank you for knowing just what to do to leave me feeling loved, secure and owned before you went to bed.  Thank you for the yummy treat!  But most of all, thank you for letting me be your beloved, pampered puppy and for not letting me forget it.


Puppy Love

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I’m in love with my life!  I adore being my Daddy’s puppy-girl.  I adore my Daddy.

I’m so looking forward to settling into our new home.  Everything about it suggests that our new house is going to be a regular haven for a puppy-girl.

I love that Daddy is more and more getting into the pure joy of being a human-pet owner.  (Yesterday’s exercise was learning to bark on command, though I don’t know how satisfying that was for her; treats may have made it go smoother.) 

With our current house being shown to prospective future tenants during the day, I’ve gotten very good at setting up and breaking down my cage in a hurry.  I timed myself Wednesday night; it took me 7 minutes from the time I pulled the collapsed cage out from under Daddy’s bed until I had it up and ready to crawl into.  When we get to the new house in 2 weeks I’ll have my own little spot for my cage to be set up always!  (Unless I get into trouble, I suppose, and Daddy has me drag it into another room to make me sleep alone without the enjoyment of listening to her soft night time breathing.)

Even my co-workers seem to have grown accustom to me being a pet-girl.  It’s to the point that I wear my collar all the time (except in the shower), even at work.  Mind you, I work in a corporate environment where I’m expected to dress nice everyday.  And I do.  I’m told that I’m quite pretty.  Whether I’m wearing a dress or a skirt-suit, whether I’m dressed in skirt and sweater or slacks and jacket, I have my lovely pink leather collar around my neck.  (I take the bell off and hang it from my purse while I’m at the office.)  At first my co-workers seemed distantly curious, clearly noticing the collar but never asking about it.  Now they don’t even seem to notice it anymore; it’s just become part of who I am, like wearing the same glasses or the same watch everyday.  This is what my collar looks like.


See, I really do have the perfect puppy life, a Daddy who adores and pampers me, corporate integration, the dream puppy home, and a super comfortable, warm, secure cage to be locked in at night.  All other puppies should envy me, human and canine alike.


Busy Puppy

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I’ve been a little bit out of touch with this blog over the past week or so.  Daddy and I are very busy.  Daddy went out last week and found us a new house to move into.  Our new place (we’re moving at the end of the month) is much bigger than the house we live in now, so I’ll have a lot more room to run and exercise my puppy chops.  Plus we’re going to have a ginormous backyard for those days that Daddy might want to send me out to pee in the grass or whatever.

We’ve had to put away my cage for the moment since the landlord of the house we’re leaving is going to want to start showing the house to prospective renters.  Luckily the cage easily collapses and slides right under Daddy’s bed, and it takes 5 minutes or less to set it up and/or break it down just in case Daddy decides she’d like me to spend a night or two confined during this transition period. 

It’s silly, I know, but I still find myself surprised by how much my personality changes when I go several nights sleeping outside of my cage.  Not that I’m less obedient (I think), but I definitely become a little more willful and maybe I talk back and tease Daddy a little more frequently than when I’m feeling the humbling affects of cage training.  I definitely feel less demonstrably sexual and passionate.  I still feel very affectionate and cuddly, but it seems like my sex-drive goes into crazy over-drive when I spend nights in my cage.  Go figure.

More and more I feel myself owned and under Daddy’s control since she’s really taken the lead with my training.  At first I was strongly encouraging that Daddy allow me to sleep in my cage and feed me on the floor and stuff (kind of topping from the bottom, I suppose); she was tentative and hesitant and maybe a little out of her element as a new human-pet owner.  Daddy is most definitely in her element now!  She knows what she wants, and she’s lost her shyness about telling me where she wants me to be and what she wants me to do; Daddy has absolutely become the proud human-pet owner!  And I love it.  I’m feeling more relaxed and at ease under Daddy’s competent control.  I’m feeling relaxed about whether I sleep in my cage or not, about whether I eat at the table or not, about everything; I know that Daddy has a plan and she knows what she wants and, as her pet, I’m happy and content to be where she wants me to be and do what she wants me to do.

I love my life!

Anyway, life will be a little hectic for the next month or so.  There’s a lot of work to do with the upcoming move; overt training time may be precious and hard to come by.  Fortunately for me, though, Daddy has gotten really, really good about reminding me that I’m her human-pet in many subtle but effective ways, from casually calling me ‘puppy’ anytime and anyplace, to reminding me to wear the bell on my collar so she knows where I am at all times, to reminding me when necessary that punishment is ALWAYS an option if I get to pushy, willful, bratty or obstinate.  Cage training has gotten me to the point that she only needs to tell me once that I’m close to needing punishment in order to get me to stop doing whatever I’m doing.  My Daddy rocks!

I can hardly wait to settle into my little puppy life as Daddy’s petgirl in our new house.  Until then, I might be a little sporadic with this blog.


Daddy’s Girl

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I must really be getting comfortable with my cage; I think I may have slept right through the night last night without getting up to change positions.  I crawled in there at bed time, got a little drink from the bottle hanging on the side, flopped on my side with my arms and legs in front of me puppy style, and I crashed out.  I didn’t hear Daddy’s alarm go off this morning.  I didn’t hear Daddy get up.  I didn’t wake up until I heard Daddy fiddling with the locks on the door of my cage.  That’s a first!  I was out like a light, comfy, and at perfect peace.

Oh man, was I ever happy to see my Daddy when she woke me up from a dead sleep to let me out!  Can you imagine the rush of beginning my day from the very second that I opened my eyes with a surge of joy and excitement to see the face of the one I love the most who’s come to bring me relief and affection?  I just couldn’t stop kissing and snuggling her.  Poor Daddy, she was so tired; she just lay there and let me stroke and caress and kiss her all over.  My Daddy is the best!

I had a cool experience last Saturday.  Daddy had some special project that she needed to do at work in the middle of the night.  It’s the first time that Daddy has worked at night since I’ve known her, so it was the first time I’ve been home by myself at night since we’ve lived together.  So, Daddy was gone for about 3 hours, from 10 pm until 1 in the morning.  Of course I stayed up and waited for her.  I watched a movie.  I read some blogs.  I really started to miss her.  It isn’t unusual for Daddy to go to bed before me, so I’m use to spending time alone at night.  But when she’s in bed and I’m up, I’m comforted by the awareness that she’s downstairs, safe and at peace in bed, and I sometimes even go down to watch her sleep and to plant a kiss on her forehead.

At some point in the evening Saturday night, Daddy’s absence started to creep into my reflexive mind.  A sadness came over me.  I felt a sad little puppy whine building up in my chest.  In an effort to comfort myself, I crawled under the coffee table and lay on my side pretty much in the same position I get into when I sleep in my cage.  It did feel comforting.  It was a little hard to see the TV from down there, so I crawled up on the couch and lay in the same position.  There was a little niggling urge in my heart to go lay by the front door and watch out the window for Daddy to come home. 

As I lay there on the sofa, on my side, legs and arms in front of me like a puppy in her cage, it struck me that sleeping in my cage every night is having a profound affect on how I interact with Daddy and with my environment.  I find comfort all curled up and warm in my cage, and as I lay there on the sofa missing Daddy Saturday night I found myself comforted by assuming the position of curled-up-in-my-cage.

Mind you, I’m 67″ tall and slender, and my cage is 48″ long, 30″ wide and 35″ tall.  I love discovering that I’m so comforted sleeping cramped up like that with the blanket thrown over the top of the cage to keep me warm and to isolate me from what Daddy is doing.  Most of all, I love that I’ve discovered so much comfort in being Daddy’s obedient little puppy-girl.  I trust Daddy with my life.  I couldn’t be in better hands.  I love my life.  I’m exactly where I want to be, safe in Daddy’s care.


My Safe Space

My Safe Space

My Hero

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Right now, in this moment, I feel completely humbled and blown away.  This is just one of those days in which I feel amazed by Daddy’s energy and instincts.  I’m so happy to follow her anywhere.

I never would have believed or imagined that I could ever find such simple joy and pleasure in being a human pet.  I have to wonder if Daddy ever imagined in her wildest dreams that someday she would be the proud, happy owner of a trainable, cageable, obedient human-puppy.  Really, think about this: I (usually) do what I’m told to do; I earn my own way (actually, I make pretty good money); I hand over my paycheck on request; I’m quite physically fit and pretty; I (mostly) clean up after myself; I eat what Daddy puts in front of me; I go wherever Daddy wants to go; I’m smart and well read; I give foot rubs; I don’t whine and complain about being caged for as long as Daddy wants me in my cage… I guess the true wonder is that more people don’t aspire to have their own human-pet.

What I’m really loving in this moment is basking in the deliciousness of the ease with which Daddy reduces me to pet status, knowing what a difficult transition it was for her to release her cultural desire to have an equal partner, like two masters searching for middle ground somewhere between the effort to dominate each other.  She must have thought I was nuts trying to hand my will over to her.  But she finally accepted my surrender, and I’m so thrilled to see her grow into her role as pet owner.  I can actually see it growing in her a little more everyday, the easy way she calls me “puppy”, tells me whether I’m eating on the floor or at the table, tells me whether I’m sleeping in the bed or in my cage, the way she casually reaches out and pets my head.  There’s more though, there’s an air of authority around her, like an aura.  It’s hot and it’s erotic.  I feel blessed and privileged to witness her awakening to her strength and power.  And I feel safe and secure as I see in her eyes the dawn of realization that she can bend the whole world to her will as easily as she commands her pet.  Imagine how powerful she must feel to take total control of and to easily train an intelligent, willful human woman; is there anything that can stand in the way of a woman with that kind of power?  Daddy is my hero!

I love you, Daddy!



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